About Artist

I started drawing at the age five when I asked my fashionable mom to draw me a high heeled shoe, and she did. She was my inspiration. I started studying her Vogue & Bazaar magazines that she bought every month and I would look at form & style. I was fascinated with the models, clothing and photography. I loved Richard Avedon & Francesco Scavullo. I would doodle any chance I’d get and I still do. My career in fashion started with studying Patternmaking & Merchandising and I wouldn’t hone my skills until I started working. I’ve been in this profession for 25 years.

On a trip to Paris in 2010,  I started painting and found another medium I loved.  I had been asked to illustrate throughout the years for work and it was then I thought to create the my art on greeting cards. Illustrate and paint feminine, individual, fantasy, fun and retro romance.

The illustrations of clothing are done with the thought that they actually can be manufactured with textile print, fabric and cut in mind.   My hope and goal is that my illustrations are seen as Art and that you or the gifted will think twice before it might be tossed, that maybe you might want to frame it with your own special message inside and purchase more than one. Thank you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I love creating them for you.

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